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Free Printable: Monthly Overview Planner Printable

Hi Guys! I’m back with another planner printable, this time with a Monthly Overview. I noticed how many of you downloaded my last printable and I thought that I had to design a monthly overview to go along with it.

Like my last printable there are two versions of this printable, a black and white version and a more colorful version. It’s also available in letter size and half/junior size and as always if you wish to have it printed by us, it is also available in our etsy shop.

Click the links below to download
If you want to get these printables printed by us please visit Jolani Jolie Designs on Etsy
I really wish I didn’t have to say these things but my lawyer insisted that I should, and being that I will be working overtime to make these free printables available for everyone I feel that I must so there are no misunderstandings. 
Please use these files/graphics ethically. These files are for personal use ONLY. So no, you cannot sell them, you cannot re-publish them, and you can’t pass them off as your own in whole or in part without my permission.
So please lets be ethical, use and treat these printables the same way you would use them if you created them yourself. Thank you!

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